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Introduction to decision trees with BigML: a step by step guide

The discussion on machine learning is the buzz word in the current tech tectonic waves. It's all amber-hot as the...


Machine Learning: the best cheat sheets in one page

Squeezed into a set of short tips and schemes, a cheat sheet is not only a source for visual inspiration...


Understanding Apache Ecosystem: stream processing

In this article I will show how a normal big data/machine learning project progresses, taking in account the stream processing...


A gentle introduction to TensorFlow with python (and RNN)

What is TensorFlow? It's an open source library made by google for being used in Machine Learning (ML) problems, specially...


Magellano an open source Cognitive Computing demonstrator

In this post we'll look at Magellano a cognitive system that I assembled just to demonstrate the potential that the...


Protetto: Machine Learning di Andrew Ng su Coursera

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