About Me

My name is Lorenzo Toscano. I’m a computer engineer holding a 20-year IT work experience in different backgrounds of the sector and with relevant consulting firms.

In 2009, I published the first book in Italian about Search Engine Optimization. This book has helped and continues to help the new generations of search engine specialists in taking their first steps in our national SEO’s context. It was SEO where I have experienced for the first time the entrepreneurship.

My programming career started when I was only 14 (30 years ago). Artificial intelligence and machine learning practical applications are my otaku.

I invite you to consult my LinkedIn profile in order to have a better detailed overview about my competencies.

The aim of this blog is to share knowledge and enthusiasm about topics related to the machine learning world. In this site, you can find posts both in English and Italian, as well as some of my personal notes about a lot of interesting (I hope!) stuffs.

I would deeply appreciate if you could suggest me inputs to stimulate any new interesting content on this blog. Feel free to use the form below to also contact me regarding consultancy and/or mentorship. Thank you for your kind attention.